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Shelley Medeiros

Founder/Partner/CEO Get U Fit Wellness Center (GUFWC), Kick Start America Fitness Program™

Get U Fit Wellness Center (the "Company") was founded by Shelley Medeiros, a passionate professional that develops fitness solutions for the general and special populations. Shelley Medeiros was a former elite gymnast for 12 years. She graduated with an AA/AS Sports Medicine/Physical Education and went on to achieve her MBA. Shelley continued to obtain several Certifications including, ACE, NASM, NESTA, AFFA, Master Instructor with Bender Training Systems and The Pilates Coach, in addition to Specialty Certifications with Turbo Kick, Zumba, Arthritis Foundation Aqua, TRX. Shelley has worked as a behavior modification specialist for the county office of education and as a personal trainer for over 15 years. She continues to work as an aerobics instructor for a large health facility. Additionally, Shelley served as a V.P. for a youth softball organization that served over 500 youth per season and coached girls athletics for both Junior High School and High School for over 15 years. Shelley is dedicated to help prevent childhood obesity and diabetes by developing the Kick Start America Fitness Program that focuses on the family unit for lifestyle change.


DruMaine Davis

MMA Fitness/CPT

Dru is a champion in his family life and with helping others. He strives to help individuals reach their fitness goals. He incorporates both personal training and martial arts knowledge to give the client an exciting and rewarding workout. Come join "Team Mollywop"

Julie Betts-Albert

CPT, CEO Team 180X

Julie is currently working on her Master Certified Personal Trainer (MCPT) as well as holds a variety of specialty Certifications. She possess desire, drive, and determination to bring kids fitness back to schools, getting it right from the start.

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